Summer is over!

Worked more than 90 days in a row

This year, I’ve been working every single day from the 1st of June until the last day of August. More than 90 days in a row. In July and August, my coffee place in the Swedish countryside ‘Café Madame Blå’ was opened from 8 a.m to 9 p.m, which means 13 hours opened (add 3-4 hours extra before and after opening hours for preparation and cleaning). And even if I wasn’t there all the time of course, I was working at least 80% each day. On top of my work at the coffee place, I had to manage my personal (6 persons during the summer), keep track on the food & drink stock (1 order per day minimum), fill the administrative paperwork, pay the bills, and many other funny things… And that’s the same every year since 2013!

So you would easily understand that I need to rest after that heavy period… That’s the reason I choose to open only weekends from September, to take some time off for myself during weekdays. That is how it works down here in Österlen: the area is full of people 2 months a year, from mid-June until mid-Augusti, and then… Nobody! (Ok, I’m exaggerating a little bite). But you got the picture?!

I was slowing down my work gradually but during the last week of Augusti, I became father for the second time to a beautiful boy (he was supposed to come mid-September), and my 3 years old daughter broke her leg. Don’t laugh, that’s the truth!

Anyway, now it feels a little bit ‘easier’. My daughter will remove her plaster this week, and the newborn is growing up, slowly but surely!

A few days rest in Småland.

That’s the reason I choose to take one day off, alone with myself, in my countryside house in Småland. If you don’t know about Småland, it’s one of Sweden’s largest provinces with a geography dominated by huge forests, meadows, glistening lakes and beautiful red houses. It’s definitely one of my favorite places in Sweden! You can read more about Småland here.

That house is from the 17th century, located between the towns Smålandstenar and Gislaved in a beautiful forest and lake area.

I spend my day walking in the forest with my dog, hunting mushrooms and fishing… Well, just relaxing…

Karljohan - Stensopp svamp
Fishing with my dog

To walk in the woods and/or to fish is a great way to feel relaxed. It helps me to clear my head, pace my thoughts and calm me down. I was reading an article about the benefits of these activities for our health and well-being, and I would like to share it with you here.

Click here to read more about Småland…

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