Remodeling my coffee place with a new wood floor

Last week I removed the whole floor in the ‘Butik’ room. What I call the ‘Butik’ room is the first room our customers (and you, maybe?) are coming into. That’s where we take the food orders and serve our delicious cakes. To be honest, it took me 5 days to do that and I was freaking out during the whole working time… Freaked out about doing a HUGE mistake with remodeling that room. I couldn’t resist removing the plastic floor covering a beautiful old wood-floor.

I’m pretty sure about one thing: it is necessary to refresh the place where you’re spending most of your time (home, office, etc…). It can really help you to refresh your mind and your daily routine.

Here is the final result:

And we opened the coffee place during the weekend! We had many people for our Crepes Buffet Breakfast, and everybody was happy with the food and the new design of our shop (yes, I asked them what they thought about our new wood-floor)…

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