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Master the Chocolate Truffles

Learn how to make Dark & White Chocolate Truffles with my own recipe!
60 minutes online course to learn how to bake dark & white Chocolate Truffles   –A little bit of theory (ingredients, how to melt chocolate, how to coat your truffles, toppings,…) -we make the truffles together in a 45-minute recipe video!   Start the course here
Online Course
  • 270 kr ($29)

The Art of Galettes & Crepes

70 minutes online course (Video & E-book) to learn how to make delicious buckwheat pancakes and sweet crepes. Online from April 2019!
Since we opened our coffee place Café Madame Blå in 2013, we have made over 50000 galettes. And we have just opened a Crepes Foodtruck in 2019 too! So we know what we’re doing when it comes to Sweet & Savory pancakes! This online course will explain how to make delicious pancakes from the batter until […]
Available from May 2019
  • 670 kr ($72)

The Art of Baking BIG

A 14-Days course on Baking (Video & Book). Online from May 2019!
Cooking is an Art, Baking is a Science   Ready to dive into the satisfyingly delicious art of baking?   Here is a course to teach you how to bake from our own experience at our coffee place Café Madame Blå. You will enjoy this course if you are keen on learning how to bake or […]
Available from May 2019
  • 890 kr ($96)

10 simple tips to improve your baking

Small things to bake better...
  There are lots of easy, small things you can do every time you bake to get better and get (almost!) professional results. Here are our 10 tips to be a better baker right now:   1. Select quality ingredients Let’s start with the basics: the key to baking success is fresh and good-quality ingredients. […]