The Art of Baking

A 14-Days course on Baking (Video & Book). Online from February 2019!
Cooking is an Art, Baking is a Science


Ready to dive into the satisfyingly delicious art of baking?


Here is a course to learn you how to bake from our own experience at our coffee place Café Madame Blå. You will enjoy this course if you are keen to learn how to bake or just love eating cake!

We have baked these recipes thousand times (at least!), and the only thing you will have to do is to follow our explanations, and I promise: it’s gonna work!

We don’t say that is the only way to make these recipes, but that’s how we’re doing and it works!

We will walk you through each step and share her tips and tricks along the way, so that you can start baking with confidence!

Online from February 2019!


In this 14-Days virtual workshop, you will…
  • learn how to bake cake basics
  • make a crumble
  • master the Meringue
  • make hard and soft caramel
  • make cheesecakes


Full lifetime access!