The Art of Galettes & Crepes

70 minutes online course (Video & E-book) to learn how to make delicious buckwheat pancakes and sweet crepes. Online from February 2019!

Since we opened our coffee place Café Madame Blå in 2013, we have made over 50000 galettes.

And we’re planning to start a Galette & Crepes Foodtruck in 2019 too.

So we really know what we’re talking about Sweet & Savory pancakes.

In this formation we’ll explain you how to make delicious pancakes from the dough until the galette or crepes on the plate, how to clean and prepare your crepes maker, and how to fill them!

You’ll know everything about how to make delicious pancakes in 60 minutes by watching our videos that are gonna help you step by step, and you’ll get a workbook with all these informations!

Oh, I forgot: you will have unlimited access to that course!


60 minutes course:


  1. Welcome! (2 minutes)
  2. History of Galette and Crepes (5 minutes)
  3. How to prepare (culottage) and clean your crepes maker (7 minutes)
  4. What you need: Large Mixing Bowl, A crepes maker or a frying Pan, Spatula, Large Spoon/Ladle, Whisk, Measuring Cup
  5. Batter mix and preparation (7 minutes)
  6. Making of galettes (15 minutes)
  7. Folding the Galette (2 minutes)
  8. Making of crepes (15 minutes)
  9. Folding the Crepes (3 minutes)
  10. Variations you can make (10 minutes) (Recipe suggestions & ideas)


About our online course:

Each course includes pre-recorded video content and a workbook. The videos are viewable at any time and as many times as you’d like!