Cinnamon buns recipe in 10 steps!

Bake delicious cinnamon rolls with our special 'Kanelbullar' recipe...

In Sweden, cinnamon rolls (kanelbullar) are traditionally enjoyed during a coffee break or fika which is a get together with friends.

Kanelbullar were created around 1920 and are by far the most popular pastry treat in Swedish culture.

Let me share with you our recipe!




-25gr yeast

-3,5 dl milk

-10 dl flour

-1 dl sugar

-1 tsp salt

-1 egg

-75 gr butter


Cinnamon filling:

-75gr butter

-30 gr sugar

-1 tbs cinammon

-1 tsp cardamom


Cooking Time & Temperature:

8 minutes – 250˚C


Let’s go!


1. Mix milk and crumble yeast in a large bowl or mixer,
2. Add 1 egg and soft butter into the mixture,
3. Gradually add flour, and then sugar and salt,
4. Knead the dough in a mixer until the ingredients are barely combined and the dough is elastic and smooth (approx. 15 minutes). Cover the bowl with a cloth and leave to rise until doubled in size,
5. Prepare the cinnamon filling,
6. Roll out the dough about 3 mm thick and 20 cm wide, and spread the filling on top,
7. Make the knots by twisting each strip of dough. Place it on a baking sheet,
8. Cover with a cloth until the buns have doubled in size,
9. Beat the egg in a bowl; brush the mixture carefully on the buns and sprinkle pearl sugar on top,
10. Bake for 8 minutes until they are deep golden brown on the top and edges.


Lycka till! (Good luck!)




Did you know? Cinnamon Bun Day is always celebrated on October 4!


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