5 years later

Starting a coffee place without any experience

Et voilà!

It’s now been 5 years since I took over Café Madame Blå!

I just turned 30 when I decided to put all the money I had to buy that coffee place lost in the Swedish countryside… And to be honest, that made me really scared but also terribly excited at the same time.

At that time, I was living in Sweden for only 2 years, hardly speaking the language (which I’m still learning…) I didn’t have any experience with that kind of work and I had no money left after I bought the place!

And last but not least: I bought the coffee place at the end of the summer and opened beginning of the Autumn, which is the hardest time of the year to start a business in that area. The good season was over…

Indeed, Österlen is one the most popular places during the summer time, but everything ‘stops’ after the summer, except a few events in September like the ’Äppelmarknad’ (Apple festival) in the beautiful town Kivik.

I had carried the idea to open a coffee place for a very long time, and I felt that now the time had arrived!

So I just did it!

(Picture of our cafe in September 2013. Much has happened since!)



I bought the house for something like 880000 swedish kronor and it already contained the basic necessities to start both a business and to live there.

Downstairs is the coffee place, with 3 rooms: – the customers room, where people sit and eat/drink – the ‘butik’: the place where people order and pay – the kitchen: divided in 2 small rooms where we prepare everything and do dishes.

(Old pictures from before renovating)

Customers room in 2013

The butik in 2013

The kitchen in 2013


By looking at the past, I realized that the hardest part wasn’t the lack of any comfort or good furniture, but to have no experience at all!

Experience is definitely the most important when you start your own business.

It was really tough, but it´s been a great school where I have learned so many good things and developed new skills. Now I am excited to share my knowledge and best advices with you!

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