I have created my own Chocolate Truffles Recipe!

Truffes au Chocolat by Sebastien
Right now I’m off because my coffeehouse is closed, it’s winter in Sweden (and it’s so COOOOOLD)….. So this morning I decided to write a new article: The Chocolate Truffles Recipe or Truffes au Chocolat in French (It sounds better…)   Before to write that recipe, I browsed a few baking blogs on Internet because […]

Trip in Alsace and Czech Republic

Christmas Markets, French pastries, homemade chips...
Happy New Year guys! And remember: New Year = new ideas   I usually travel during winter time when our coffee place is closed, and my favorite destinations are Alsace in France and the beautiful town of Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic. These places are beautiful and great for food inspiration too… I’ve been visiting Alsace […]