Philadelphiadröm, the most amazing swedish cheesecake

And our best-seller!

We have made thousands and thousands of cakes since we’ve opened in 2013.

And our Philadelphiadröm is definely our best-seller!

I don’t remember one of our customers who tasted that cake and who didn’t love it…

And do you know what? I’m gonna share that wonderful recipe with you!

It’s really easy to bake, and if you follow my recipe it’s gonna work out perfectly… Let’s go!



Cake Preparation:

-75gr butter

-2,5dl Milk

-25gr fresh yeast

-1/2 egg

-Between 5 and 6 dl flavor

-1dl sugar

-1/2tsp salt


Philadelphia Cream:

-70gr butter

-50gr Philadelphia cheese

-1,5dl powdered sugar

-1tsp vanilla sugar


+ Pearl sugar


Cooking Time & Temperature:

15 minutes – 200˚C


Let’s go!


1. Melt the butter in a small cooking pot
2. Then add the milk and the half egg (think to save the half egg left)
3. Add the yeast and mix it well
4. Mix the dry ingredients (flavor, sugar and salt) with a spatula
5. Add the cooking pot’s content into the dry ingredients, and mix it.
6. Put your deg into a springform pan, and let it grow until 3/4 of the size


Philadelphia Cream:
1. Melt the butter in a small cooking pot
2. Then add the Philadelphia cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla sugar, and mix it up.
3. Introduce delicately the cream into the deg with a spoon, and let it grow up.
4. Pre-heat your oven
5. Put egg on the top of the cake, and add pearl sugar.
6. Put it in the oven 15 minutes. And that’s it!




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