Madame Blå



Café & fransk bistro på Österlen...


Here are our french-inspired specialities

from Alsace & Corsica made in our wood-fired oven.

Served during summer.




Gratin cooked with creme fraîche, yogurt and french wine.

Served with a salad.



Bacon, onions, edam, potatoes and roasted brie 149kr




Chicken breast fillet, onions, edam, mushrooms,

potatoes and roasted brie 159kr



Tartes flambées:

Thin pizza crust made with creme fraîche, yogurt and spices.



'La traditionnelle'

Bacon, onions, edam och mushrooms, rocket sallad 139kr



'La végétarienne'

Onions, edam, mushrooms, brie, potatoes, rocket salad 139kr



Cold meat, onions, edam, mushrooms, spices from Corsica 139kr