Madame Blå



Café & french bistro in Österlen...

Everything you find here is homemade and mainly from local producers.

We believe in proper food, that means for example sandwiches made with traditionally baked breads, proper tasty butter, or organic salad...


Breakfast (Saturday-Sunday between 8-11)

Petit: Kaffe/te, sandwich & must 79:-

Grand: Kaffe/te, sandwich, must & yogurt 99:-


Brunch (Saturday-Sunday between 11-15)

Fish, Meat, Soup, Vegetables, Bread 195:-

(Incl. coffee/tea - Children 2-12 years old 79:-)



Our galettes

A galette is a large and thin pancake made with organic buckwheat flour,

egg and water. The galettes are served warm and with salty fillings.



Pastrami, tomato, mozzarella, pesto, salad 95kr



Goat cheese, edam, honey, walnuts, salad 95kr



Edam, goat cheese, mozzarella, brie, ,egg, potatoes, salad 109kr



Salami, brie, edam, red onions, chili, tomatoes,

red pepper, roasted sunflower seeds, salad 119kr



Marinated turkey breast, homemade mayonnaise, tomato,

red onions, egg, potatoes, salad 139kr



Corsican Lonzu, cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, pesto, fried egg, salad 139kr



Smoked salmon, dill, lemon, homemade mayonnaise,

potatoes, egg, roasted sunflower seeds, salad 149kr





Served with our homemade bread 'dinkelbröd' (wheat flour),

homemade vinaigrette & mayonnaise.


'Chêvre salad'

Goat cheese, walnuts, honey, red onions, bulgur,

tomatoes & cucumber 129kr


'Chicken salad'

Chicken breast fillet, red onions, bulgur, tomatoes,

cucumber & roasted sunflower seeds 139kr


'Shrimp salad'

Shrimps, red onions, bulgur, tomatoes, cucumber,

avocado, lemon, homemade mayonnaise & dill 149kr




Our cheese/charcuterie plate


Corsican charcuterie (coppa, lonzu), french cheeses, butter,

pickled cucumber, fig marmalade and homemade bread 159kr




Red lentil soup

Served with our homemade bread 'dinkelbröd' & butter 75kr




Our sandwiches

With homemade 'dinkelbröd' (bread with organic wheat flour)


'Le parisien'

Pastrami, cheese, french mustard, salad & butter 49kr


'Le chêvre'

Goat cheese, honey, walnuts, salad & butter 55kr


'Le Salami Brie'

Salami, brie, pepper, salad & butter 55kr


'Le Madame Blå'

Turkey breast, homemade mayonnaise, tomato, smashed avocado, salad 65kr




Our french-inspired specialities made in our wood-fired oven

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